Arm maintenance and repair

Our highly specialized technicians can do any kind of repairs, providing the very best possible customer service in terms of consignment times and cost.

From simple maintenance to complex repairs, Brar offers an important and unique service for the modern steelworks. The following activities are performed in our works and on-site.



These are the services offered:

♦ copper, aluminium and steel repair welding

♦ repair welding on contact plates

♦ bimetal replacement

♦ reconstruction of the internal structure

♦ water circuit check

♦ inspection of hydraulic pipes

♦ replacement of springs and pusher components

♦ inspection or replacement of hydraulic cylinder

♦ insulation replacement

♦ inspection and reworking of threads for column tie-rods



♦ copper repair welding on plates

♦ repair welding on contact plates

♦ welding copper tubes and pressure testing

♦ mechanical reworking

♦ water circuit check

♦ replacement of insulation, seals, nuts and bolts

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Bimetal replacement


Electric discharges on the front part of the arm are a typical problem as the bolts holding the copper plate in place can work loose. This causes significant damage to the bimetal, which must be replaced as follows:


> Removing the front bimetal
> Welding new pre-worked bimetal plates in place
> Mechanical working of arm front
> Test and final testing