These reactors or smoothing reactors are normally connected in series to the rectifier in HVDC systems. Thanks to their high impedance, they reduce the magnitude of harmonic currents to provide a more constant current, protecting the rectifier, and there is also less network flicker.

They may be water or air-cooled, and made of Aluminium or Copper.

They are typically used in steelworks and ferro-alloys DC furnaces but are also found in all sectors using high current DC.

Brar has in-depth knowledge of all high current phenomena and refers to studies on electromagnetic simulations done in collaboration with university laboratories.


The photo on the right show a series of 8 water-cooled DC ferro-chrome furnace reactors, made of aluminium, with the following characteristics:


Inductance: 500 µH

Nominal Current: 55 kA DC

Rated Voltage: 1,500 V DC

Power losses: 500 KW

Unit weight: 12,000 kg

Reactors installation

Reactors installation