Automotive: Electric Vehicles busbar and flexibles

Technical details


Laminated Flexible Connections are electrical conductors made of copper foils

stacked together to reach the copper section required and manufactured according

to the design requirements.

The copper foils are press-welded together in some area, typically at the sides.                     


Laminated Flexible Connections allows thermal expansion and minimize the vibration transmission.

Laminated Flexible Connections can be equipped with inserts and other components.


> Copper foils as per EN 13599, thickness 0,1-0,3mm, material Cu-HCP conductivity Min 98% IACS.
> Dimensional gauges control
> Voltage drop test to check the correct conductivity of press-welding process
> Metallographic inspection to evaluate the correct joining of copper foils where press-welded
> Different treatments according to Customer specification.
> Contamination acceptability limits.
> Shrink tube protections.
BRAR offers a service of assistance in product development and manufacture as per Customer design.
Press-welded flex for battery pack.

Press-welded flex for battery pack.