Water -cooled cables

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Our water-cooled cables are used in all types of electric arc furnaces for steel and iron-alloys, induction furnaces and galvanic plants all over the world.


One Cable, the new cable for electric furnaces by BRAR, is the result of a long research and destined to become a benchmark for the sector, raising the quality standards of the product.

Copper terminals

Fixed or rotating terminal ....

Outer tube and protection

Various types of tubes and protection are offered to guarantee the best performance in time.


Brar is pleased to be able to offer a variety of services to improve the efficiency of our customers' production plants

Preventive maintenance

Our specialized technicians use the very latest instruments to perform a Check Up On Site of your cables, to prevent unexpected down time during production runs.

Maintenance & Repair

We repair any type and brand of cables
quick coupling device


Brar can supply the following accessories, providing you with everything you could possible need to go with the main supply.