About Us


Since 1974 we've been specializing in high current systems and today we've become an international group with works in Italy and India. Our sales network extends to over 40 countries all over the world, and we can count on trustworthy collaborators with a wealth of experience, who are above all Customer-oriented.

Our continuous process of improvement in terms of the products and services offered has made us a global leader in the sector.


ABOUT US We're a Team of responsible, determined, proactive people who can guarantee the greatest professional competence in the search for innovative solutions that meet the customer's specific high current requirements.


Our outlook To become the global leader in high current transmission, an invaluable partner.



The BRAR Group operates in full synergy from its 2 production plants based around the world. A few figures:


♦ 2 plants (Italy and India)
♦ over 100 employees
♦ 10,000m2 of covered workspace
♦ exports to over 40 countries


BRAR Elettromeccanica S.p.A. established by Sir Livio Arioli in 1974, specializes in flexible high current connections.


BRAR INDIA Pvt Limited is our new works in India, based in DURG - Bhilaii in the state of Chhattisgarh.


Thanks to the internationalization and continuous evolution of our products and the quality of the service we guarantee our customers, the Brar Group has become a leader in its sector.





We're convinced that the growth of our company derives essentially from our social responsibility as a corporate entity, voluntarily adopting practices and behaviour to obtain the best results that translate into benefits and advantages for both the company itself and the context in which it operates.
The themes of social responsibility such as the promotion of gender policies, the development of quality industrial relations, respect for the environment, etc. represent the backbone of our strategic guidelines.


ENVIRONMENT: Brar adopts principles of sustainable development and environmental protection guaranteeing full observance of the laws and legislation in force, continuing to improve its environmental policies. It's true that actions speak louder than words, and in 2010 100 KW of photovoltaic panels, sufficient to meet most of the company's energy requirements, were installed on the roof of our works in Italy.


HUMAN RESOURCES: People play a central role both inside and outside our company, where human dignity, safety and respect for cultural differences are always respected. In particular, we strive to guarantee safety in the workplace and favour the development of employees' professional skills and qualifications.

As part of the process of internationalization in developing countries, our company is always careful to avoid any kind of exploitation, be it physical, moral or cultural.