The Telemaster is a new, innovative system for measuring water-cooled cable performance and predicting faults. Today it represents the solution to the problem.


As for the maintenance of electric furnace components, one of the main problems is preventing faults on water-cooled cables, one of the components subject to the greatest electro-mechanical stress.


Water-cooled cables are the most delicate part of an electric furnace, and are typically subject to two types of faults:


• breakage of the outer rubber tubes
• breakage of the copper conductors



These problems are mainly due to corrosion of the conductor caused by the cooling water and the enormous mechanical stress (vibrations and magnetic fields) the cables are subject to.


Up to now the only way to check the state of water-cooled cables was to disconnect the cable and measure its DC electrical resistance.
Measuring the AC current using a Rogowski coil is not in fact enough, as it only measures the distribution of the current in a parallel cable, without measuring the electrical resistance of the cable.


TELEMASTER therefore lets you:

♦ measure the resistance of the cables
♦ save the values measured
♦ plan cable maintenance in advance
♦ prevent furnace down times
♦ prevent overloads on good cables



and all without having to disconnect the cables.




How does it work?


The DC resistance is measured with the furnace off in the following way:

- DC current is injected into the cables with the furnace turned off

- The voltage drop at the ends of the cables is measured

- The current is measured using the special Hall effect sensor in each cable


The resistance is therefore calculated using Ohm's law and the resulting value shows whether the cable is still in a good condition or whether it needs replacing, all without having to remove the cable.