Bipolar cables


This type of patented cables, made with 6 alternating phase cores (so they have a lower impedance and a higher electrical yield) are assembled on extruded rubber insulation that lets cooling water flow freely also in tight radiuses of curvature.
Suitable for the use of manual clamps or standard applications.


- ETP UNI 5649 electrolytic copper cord
- Ø 0.25 mm individual filaments
- Alternating phases

Thanks to these features, the Brar star lay cable guarantees:

♦ greater flexibility
♦ better cooling
♦ lower impedance
♦ less power loss
♦ longer life

Bipolar cables

Bipolar cables

320 mm² (2x160)16.5371933525020
400 mm² (2x200)16.540.51933525520
500 mm² (2x250)16.544.51933526020
600 mm² (2x300)16.5392839676622

Polyurethane tube, biflex tube, silicone-free tube, soldered cords, other sizes.