electrogalvanic busbars


BRAR can supply current transmission systems and busbars made of high conductivity copper and aluminium in an all-inclusive offer from the engineering to production and assembly. The applications range from transmission of nuclear energy, to transformers and galvanic systems, the iron and steel industry and automation, providing custom products to meet the customer's requirements.


The supply usually consists of:

♦ Conductors made of water or air-cooled Se-Cu copper or aluminium tube
♦ Mounting plates or clamps for Se-Cu copper cables and flexible connections
♦ Water-cooled nonmagnetic steel load-bearing structures
♦ Supports and insulating materials
♦ Flexible tubes for cooling circuit
♦ Flexible transformer connections


We can therefore supply a "turnkey" system, taking care of everything from the design phase to production and installation with on-site assistance.

aluminium bus-bar

aluminium bus-bar