Quick coupling device


· The quick coupling lets you fit and remove cooled cables extremely quickly, reducing maintenance times and the relevant costs, in total safety for the operator.

· It's a simple but very effective system, which avoids electrical problems on contact surfaces that affect other similar systems on the market.


Extremely fast cable fitting
♦ Safe fitting for operators
♦ Auto-alignment of terminals and fitting holes
♦ Easy to fit fixings
♦ Reduced costs and maintenance times
♦ Easy to adapt the quick coupling to existing plates
♦ No need to change cable terminals
aggancio rapido

aggancio rapido

Stainless steel pins

The stainless steel pins are screwed into the cable terminals, which have previously been drilled and threaded.
Stainless steel hooks
The stainless steel hooks are bolted to the secondary circuit and arms, with a variety of options: bolted from the side, front or rear.