Copper terminals


♦ high conductivity copper

♦ fixed or rotating terminal

The terminals are made of top quality electrolytic copper made in our machine tool unit. They can therefore be manufactured to meet the customer's particular design requirements, guaranteeing the specific needs of Electric Arc Furnace users and manufacturers.

Terminal dimensions are calculated to guarantee an optimal contact surface area (contact density approximately 0.7 A/mm2).

You can choose a fixed terminal, or the innovative Rotating Terminal (shown here), patented in 1991, the result of in-depth studies by the Brar technicians into this important component.




rotating terminal

rotating terminal



♦ increased average tube life
♦ reduced induced mechanical stress on structures
♦ simple cable assembly
♦ reduced down-time for maintenance

This innovation was introduced by BRAR in 1991 (patent No. MN91U000014) in the flexible electrical connections field as a solution to problems users had with flexible cable performance.

In fact, when a furnace is opened, the power conducting arms rotate around the vertical axis which twists the cable connected to it, and the more the furnace is opened the more the cable twists.
This is detrimental to the resistance of the rubber tube, and means more stress is put on the furnace.

The ROTATING TERMINAL has a special bushing which lets the rubber tube move independently of the terminal.

Thanks to this drastic reduction in the resistance to torsion, today the ROTATING TERMINAL is used by over 80% of our customers who have tested and continue to benefit from the huge advantages it offers.